2023-2024 Board Members

Dave and Sherry Ley
President Couple

[email protected]

Tom & Sue O’Brien
Vice-President Couple

Jim & Charleen Begin
Treasurer Couple

Jack Lewis & Barbi Kealy
Past President Couple


There are currently five dances a season in October, December, January, March, and April.  All dances are held at the Clintonville Women’s Club, with a social hour at 7:00 P.M., dinner at 7:30 P.M., and dancing from 8:30 to 11:00 P.M.  Music is provided by a DJ.

Club members are encouraged to bring guests.  Members pay a fee in August at the beginning of each new dance season.  There is also a cost for each dinner & dance attended.  You can apply for membership form here, and to learn more about becoming a member, please contact the club officers.


In July of 1959, a steering committee met to form what would soon become the Stardusters Dance Club of today.  The first Stardusters dance was held October 3, 1959 at the Athletic Club with Howard Mauger’s Orchestra, a popular local orchestra at the time.  Live dance bands originally played for all the dances, and for many years, there were only 4 dances a season.  Dances were held for many years at the Ohio State University Golf Club with no dinner served – just a cash bar and appetizers.

In 1996-97, Stardusters moved to its current home at the Clintonville Women’s Club.   In the early 2000s, Stardusters began using a DJ for some dances, with Ron Clark as the first Stardusters DJ.

Photo Album

Stardusters members may take photos at the dance to display on this site.  It is our desire to post photos only of those who approve of having their photos posted here.   Please let us know if you do not want to have your photo included in this photo gallery.   

Current and Past Board Members

2024-2025Dave & Sherry LeyTom & Sue O’BrianJim & Charleen Begin
2023-2024Dave & Sherry LeyTom & Sue O’BrianJim & Charleen Begin
2022-2023Jack Lewis & Barbi KealyDave & Sherry LeyJim & Charleen Begin
2021-2022Joe & Karen MartinJack Lewis & Barbi KealyJim & Charleen Begin
2020-2021Joe & Karen MartinJack Lewis & Barbi KealyJim & Charleen Begin
2019-2020Eric & Susan LeiningerJoe & Karen Martin
2018-2019Jason Martin & Julia Faeth MartinEric & Susan Leininger
2017-1018Jeff Towslee & Susan BorchersJason Martin & Julia Faeth Martin
2016-2017Rich & Donna WilliamsJeff Towslee & Susan Borchers
2015-2016Dale & Carrie MellenRich & Donna Williams
2014-2015Dave & Cindy StanleyDale & Carrie Mellen
2013-2014Dennis & Joan LombardiDave & Cindy Stanley
2012-2013Dan & Sharon CvetanovichDennis & Joan Lombardi
2011-2012Tim & Gloria KujawaDan & Sharon Cvetanovich
2010-2011Bill & Amy OcheltreeTim & Gloria Kujawa
2009-2010Jim & Jan BlakesleeBill & Amy Ocheltree
2008-2009Jim Gieseke & Debby FoxJim & Jan Blakeslee
2007-2008John & Toni MillerJim Gieseke & Debby Fox
2006-2007Don & Tammy CaudyJohn & Toni Miller
2005-2006Bill & Lexie BickellDon & Tammy Caudy
2004-2005Bill & Lexie BickellBill & Lexie Bickell
2003-2004Jeff Konwinski & Pamela SutherlandBill & Lexie Bickell
2002-2003Richard & Malinda AndersonJeff Konwinski & Pamela Sutherland
2001-2002Gene & Sherry GoubeauxRichard & Malinda Anderson
2000-2001Charles & Eileen RowlandGene & Sherry Goubeaux
1999-2000Ken & Claudia WilkinsonCharles & Eileen Rowland
1998-1999Ron Currin & Diane DriessenKen & Claudia Wilkinson
1997-1998Ray & Arlene KnollRon Currin & Diane Driessen
1996-1997Bob & Sara RichardsRay & Arlene Knoll
1995-1996Don & Betty RitcherBob & Sara Richards
1994-1995Don & Betty RitcherDon & Betty Ritcher
1993-1994Bob & Sara RichardsDon & Betty Ritcher
1992-1993Ben & Karen FreudenreichBob & Sara Richards
1991-1992Ben & Karen FreudenreichBen & Karen Freudenreich
1990-1991Len & Joy CookBen & Karen Freudenreich
1989-1990Dick & Pat BangsLen & Joy Cook
1988-1989Dick & Marge DeringerDick & Pat Bangs
1987-1988Gus & Lois WhitehurstDick & Marge Deringer
1986-1987George & Marian SchneiderGus & Lois Whitehurst
1985-1986Gene & Norma SellersGeorge & Marian Schneider
1984-1985Chuck & Betty SepsyGene & Norma Sellers
1983-1984Chuck & Betty SepsyChuck & Betty Sepsy
1982-1983Frank & Rose Ann BeickelmannChuck & Betty Sepsy
1981-1982Frank & Rose Ann BeickelmannFrank & Rose Ann Beickelmann
1980-1981Don & Marie RitcherFrank & Rose Ann Beickelmann
1979-1980Charles & Jean SchulerDon & Marie Ritcher
1978-1979Marlen & Betty ZuharsCharles & Jean Schuler
1977-1978Marlen & Betty ZuharsMarlen & Betty Zuhars
1976-1977James & Helen TuckerMarlen & Betty Zuhars
1975-1976Bill & Lorry BergertJames & Helen Tucker
1974-1975Ernie & Ginnie PotterBill & Lorry Bergert
1973-1974Wayne & Rosemary TraetowErnie & Ginnie Potter
1972-1973Bob & Vet WimmerWayne & Rosemary Traetow
1971-1972Sandy & Rosemary SandersBob & Vet Wimmer
1970-1971Brewster & Mary Alice DavisSandy & Rosemary Sanders
1969-1970Sonny & Norma SahrBrewster & Mary Alice Davis
1968-1969Don & Sally WilliamSonny & Norma Sahr
1967-1968Bob & Wilma ChambersDon & Sally William
1966-1967Dick & Jackie RoedererBob & Wilma Chambers
1965-1966Frank & Mary StegerDick & Jackie Roederer
1964-1965Gene & Cathy WolfFrank & Mary Steger
1963-1964Wally & Rosemary SmausGene & Cathy Wolf
1962-1963Mac & Frankie TremblyWally & Rosemary Smaus
1961-1962Vince GillMac & Frankie Trembly
1960-1961Jack SingletonVince Gill
1959-1960Jack Singleton